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Summer is a time we enjoy the great outdoors on hikes, at lakes, and relaxing on patios in the cool summer evenings.  Unfortunately, it’s also the time when the bugs come out.  The nasty pests bite, causing our skin to swell and itch, or even worse, transmitting a virus that can infect our bodies.  Below are some tips from so that you and your family can fight off the bugs this summer.

  • Avoid scented soaps, perfumes or hair sprays, all of which attract bugs to your skin.
  • Be careful when around areas where insects nest or congregate, such as stagnant pools of water, uncovered foods and gardens where flowers are in bloom.
  • Take into account that bright colors or flowery prints attracts bugs.
  • Steer clear of buying combination sunscreen/insect repellent products because sunscreen needs to be reapplied every two hours, but the insect repellent should not be reapplied.
  • Use insect repellent containing DEET (low concentrate for children) to prevent insect-related diseases including Lyme disease from ticks and West Nile Virus from mosquitoes.  DEET should not be used on children younger than 2 months of age. 
  • Avoid scented soaps, perfumes or hair sprays, all of which attract bugs to your skin.  



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