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Our Mission is to provide the highest possible standard of health care in a compassionate and professional manner for the people in our region.

Our Vision is to be the area’s leader in providing access to high quality health care in the communities we serve.

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Community Health Needs Assessment Completed

With assistance from the Center for Rural Health at the UND School of Medicine and Health Sciences, Wishek Hospital and Clinics, along with surrounding medical facilities, recently completed a community health needs assessment.  The assessment, which is mandatory every three years, covered results from LaMoure, Logan and McIntosh counties.  Surveys were distributed, a focus group formed, and interviews conducted with key business leaders in the fall of last year.  Our final assessment has been completed and the full report can be found on our website at  Hard copies may also be requested by calling Shelly Glaesman at (701) 452-3129.  The WHC is in the process of creating an action plan in order to address the health concerns and needs expressed by our community members.

On March 28th, 29 people walked or ran their way around the Wishek Golf course to complete the Frosty Family Fun 5K. In response to issues outlined in the Community Needs Health Assessments, the Wishek Wellness Committee creates local opportunities to put good health into practice. --------------------

The purpose of creating the Health Needs Assessment:

  1. Describe the health of local people
  2. Identify areas for health improvement
  3. Identify use of local health care services
  4. Determine factors that contribute to health issues
  5. Identify and prioritize community needs
  6. Help health care leaders identify potential action to address the community’s health needs


Out of 45 listed community and health needs in the survey, the participants chose these six as the most important:

  1. Cost of health insurance
  2. Cost of health care
  3. Cost of prescription drugs
  4. Availability of doctors, nurses and specialists
  5. Cancer
  6. Financial viability of hospital


McIntosh County ranks 33rd out of 45 ranked counties in North Dakota on health outcomes, while LaMoure County ranked 17th. There was insufficient data from Logan County to assign numerical ranks to it.

Health Outcomes

With respect to health outcomes, Logan County tends to lag behind the state on measures of self-reported health and rates of diabetes. Additionally, LaMoure and McIntosh counties had higher rates of premature death than the rest of the state. All three counties had higher rates of diabetes than the state average. On the positive side, LaMoure County was performing in the Top 10% of counties nationally on measures of self-reported daily physical and mental health.


On the health factors measures, McIntosh County ranked 28th among North Dakota counties, while LaMoure County ranked 8th.  There was insufficient data from Logan County to assign numerical ranks to it.

Health Factors

Measures that were particularly concerning included:

  • Adult smoking in LaMoure County was substantially higher (nine percentage points) than the state rate.
  • The rate of adult obesity in Logan County was five points higher than the state rate.
  • All three counties have high rates of physical inactivity, indicating a region-wide trend.
  • Logan County has a rate of uninsured residents that is seven percentage points higher than the state rate.
  • All three counties have a higher ratio of residents to primary care physicians than the state ratio.



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