Mammograms Go Mobile
Wednesday, April 29, 2015 at 01:14PM

WHC is partnering with DMS Imaging out of Fargo to offer a state-of-the-art service through their mobile full-field digital mammography machine.  DMS Imaging has already done an excellent job providing nuclear medicine services for our patients, and we believe the same level of care will be offered through their mobile mammography unit. 

In an article regarding full-field digital mammography, Dr. Mark Helvie, M.D. and Director of Breast Imaging at the University of Michigan Medical Center states, “Mammography was the last area of radiologic imaging to use digital technology due to its unique needs.  The high resolution and contrast needed to produce excellent quality mammographic imaging exceeds all other areas of digital imaging.  The technology to produce digital mammography is very complex, expensive, and time consuming.”  For these reasons, we are grateful to now be able to offer patients this service as full-field digital imaging is becoming the standard for mammography.

The DMS Imaging mobile unit will be located in the Wishek Hospital parking lot one day a month.  The mammography scheduling, billing and reporting process will remain the same.  Every other appointment in relation to mammograms will continue as normal including blood work, bone density tests and wellness exams with your provider of choice.  If you need a copy of your results for further testing, we will have access to the images and can send them upon request.  To schedule your mammogram, or if you have further questions, call the Wishek Clinic at 452-2326 and ask for the X-ray department. 

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