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Winter Safety Tips for Kids

The American Association of Neurological Surgeons listed winter sports as one of the top 10 causes of sports-related head injuries among children under the age of 15.  Thanks to the American Academy of Pediatrics, here are some general tips that can help parents keep their children safe during snowy activities.

Sledding.  Use a slope made of compact snow that is clear of all debris, tree branches and rocks.  Children are at higher risk when they lay flat on sleds, so be sure that every child sits up with their feet out in front of them.

Snowmobiling.  The leading cause of snowmobile-related deaths are head injuries. Therefore, it is imperative that all riders and drivers wear helmets while snowmobiling. Children younger than six years should not be riding on snowmobiles. Additionally, children 15 years of age or younger should not be allowed to operate snowmobiles.

Frostbite.  The key to preventing frostbite is wearing multiple thin layers. Use a thermal base layer (long johns, socks, turtleneck), followed by a middle layer (1-2 shirts, sweater, pants), and an outer layer (coat, boots, gloves, hat). Parents should set reasonable time frames for their children to be outdoors and encourage indoor breaks to avoid getting too cold. 

This information has been provided by Safe Kids Grand Forks, Altru Health System.  For more safety tips, visit

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